Arizona Summer and the Art of Tiny Libraries

Splendor exhibit at the Goodyear Library


My husband Richard and I have been fortunate to have our paintings exhibited

in many wonderful galleries, museums and art-spaces

throughout the years..

but there is something really special about a library.

I was honored to have my paintings displayed

in such a beautiful environment,

surrounded by books

quiet, cool and welcoming..

like an oasis in the desert.

Timelessness and the Art of Painting Slow

“Messenger” by Michele Bledsoe


I am a slow painter.


working with my tiny brushes

for hours

or months

or even years

on a single painting.

Time does not exist in the place

where art comes from..

only bliss

and God.




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Runaway Trains and the Art of Breaking the Spell

Put the brush down and step away from the canvas..


I get carried away when I paint..

This is not always a good thing.

Doing detail work

with a ragged paintbrush..

stuck in the zone

and unable to stop.

I am a runaway train heading for disaster.

“Stop!” I shout, 

attempting to startle myself out of my trance.

Sometimes it works..

sometimes, it doesn’t.

The other night, in desperation

I whipped the glasses off my face and threw them at my table.

Hard to keep painting when you can’t see.



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Childhood Memories and the Art of Painted Playgrounds

“The Legacy of Mildred’s Basement” by Michele Bledsoe

When I was a child

my favorite place to play was in my grandmother’s basement.

I would stay down there

for hours on end.

That was so many years ago.

All gone now,

along with my beloved grandma..

but not really.

I still go there

when I paint.



Drawing and the Art of Self-Reproach

Why are you looking at me like that?


I’ve been away too long..

Hopefully the next little creature I draw

won’t cringe when he sees me.