Simplicity and the Glorious Wonder of Leaves


I paint a lot of leaves.

I do this

because I love them.

Simple as that.


Not Trying and the Art of Failure

Illustrations from “Painting, Passion and the Art of Life” by Michele Bledsoe


For many years

I had been trying to write a book..

but I failed.


Actually, I failed many times..

over and over again.

I had lost my way.


Then I had a revelation..

an epiphany.

I was thinking too hard..

getting in my own way.

I was trying to write a book

instead of writing a book.


Filled with renewed passion and purpose

I poured my soul out

onto those pages..

and it became

the book I was meant to write

instead of the book I was trying to write.

Big difference.

.Big Big difference.

Old Paintings and the Wondrous Elasticity of Time

Work in progress by Michele Bledsoe


It has been many years since I’ve worked on this painting.

Maybe even a decade.

Yet, here at my easel..

it could have been yesterday.

I remember everything.

I dive in without hesitation..

effortlessly matching the subtle shades

of complex color


Seems I have never left you.

Trust the gift.

Clean Teeth and the Art of Visiting Trees

I arrived early for my teeth-cleaning appointment

to visit my favorite seedpod tree.

I was disappointed to see it had been trimmed recently..

with all its magnificent treasures far out of reach.

Nevertheless, I was determined.

Finding a long, sturdy stick

I jumped up..

whacking at the branches above my head

until I was able to finally knock one loose.

You’ll find a lot of these seedpods

in my paintings..

It’s where I keep all the things I love.

Little Canvases and the Wondrous Experience of Painting Small

Work in progress by Michele Bledsoe


I love painting small.

It is an remarkable experience..

wondrous and intimate.

Leaning in close

with tiny brushes..

I can unleash my soul

onto a canvas

that can fit

in the palm of my hand.