Pen and Ink

Old Sketchbooks and the Art of Boredom

Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk – from the sketchbook of Michele Bledsoe


Found this in one of my old sketchbooks.

I don’t remember the exact circumstances

of when I made this strange little drawing,

but I suspect it involved someone talking too much..

and the place I went

to escape from it.

I am never bored

with a pen in my hand.


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Three-nuts, Dirty Blinds and the Art of Little Drawings

My sketchbooks are filled with little drawings.

Strange creatures, leaves and faces..

but as you flip through the pages

you will also find

moments and memories..

little slices of my life

rendered in ball point pen.

I remember cleaning those blinds..

They were awful.


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Drawing and the Art of Self-Reproach

Why are you looking at me like that?


I’ve been away too long..

Hopefully the next little creature I draw

won’t cringe when he sees me.




Lifetime Commitments and the Full Circle of Art


When I was little, all I wanted was to draw well.

My dream was not to be some rich and famous artist..

Not to win awards or have my paintings hanging in museums.

I just wanted to be good.

I remember staring endlessly at the pictures of the beautifully illustrated books I grew up with.  The people who made those pictures had somehow managed to capture their imagination on paper and make it real. My mind was filled with pictures, too – and there were worlds inside me that had to come out. The urge to create was irresistible.. and it ignited a fire inside me that will burn forever.

Exposure to art at an early age is a powerful experience. It can change your life. My husband Richard talks about this in his recent post, The Fine Art of Childhood.

Art is a lifetime commitment. The endless months, years, decades invested to get my skills to match my vision. Always pushing further – I love every step of my artistic journey. This is what I was meant to do. I have dedicated my life to bringing my unique vision out into the light. Truly, art is the soul made visible.

It seems only fitting that I have become the author / illustrator of children’s books..

After all, that is where it all began.

The circle is complete.