Painting, Passion and the Art of Life is an inspirational, artistic journey that will change the way you think and feel about your own gifts, your purpose and your impact on the world around you.

These meditations on painting and drawing contain universal messages on work, love and life. Readers don’t have to be artists to connect with this moving collection of personal stories; we all have our own unique gifts to share.

Painting, Passion and the Art of Life gives creative people of all ages the motivation and enthusiasm to cultivate their gifts, share their talents, and recognize their place in the fellowship of life. These heartwarming stories will inspire the reader to embrace their purpose, and to recognize the profound impact that dedication, faith and vision has on family, friends and all those who connect with us.


secret front cover


This unique and extraordinary collection of enchanting paintings and poetry is not your typical children’s book! The Secret Kingdom has the vintage  feel of a classic children’s book, but with an abstract and surreal twist. Delightfully weird, beautiful hand-painted illustrations, together with mysterious poetry, create a dreamlike experience of the imagination that you will not forget.

The Secret Kingdom is available at Amazon in both Hardcover and Kindle format.




lemon bee coverLemon Bee and Other Peculiar Tales is a collection of haunting short stories featuring elements of wondrous fantasy and gothic horror, redeemed by messages of hope. Patricia Lynn Dompieri’s tales capture the surreal logic of dreams. Featuring keen perceptions shaped by fears and desires, these richly written narratives mix eerie imagery with insightful commentary. Poetic and descriptive, charged with deep symbolism and nightmarish elements, the stories make you think as well as shudder. The characters described reach revelations that put a new perspective on life. The intensely imaginative and unpredictable storytelling is enhanced by mysterious illustrations by Michele Bledsoe.

Lemon Bee and Other Peculiar Tales is available at Amazon.




  1. Hi, Michelle, thank you for stopping by my art blog. I really enjoy Richard’s blog remodernreview and your books look very creative and different! Brings back my childhood memories of the 1970s when things were simply more experimental and interesting. There ARE a lot of wonderful children’s illustrators in the book world now but many of them are not good story tellers and it’s great when you find both. I’m just wondering what your favorite children’s stories were growing up. Mine included the Dorrie the Witch series, the Shiba Golden Book hologram puppet books, and Georgie the Ghost. And also Arlene Mosel/Blair Lent. My husband grew up down the street from Arnold Lobel.


    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. My grandmother taught me to read at a very early age and I grew up surrounded by beautifully illustrated children’s books. I loved fairy tales – Grimm and Andersen. Alice in Wonderland was a life-changing experience.. I would stare at those illustrations for hours on end. Also, I absolutely love those hologram puppet books! I have several of them in my collection.
      Yes, there are some great illustrators out there, but it seems that many contemporary children’s books are more focused on a particular message, or following current trends. Will those books withstand the test of time? I believe that the unique children’s books that explore and celebrate the imagination represent true artistic expression.. and will become the classics for a new generation.

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