drawing pictures

Old Sketchbooks and the Art of Boredom

Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk – from the sketchbook of Michele Bledsoe


Found this in one of my old sketchbooks.

I don’t remember the exact circumstances

of when I made this strange little drawing,

but I suspect it involved someone talking too much..

and the place I went

to escape from it.

I am never bored

with a pen in my hand.


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The Art of the Extended Family


My husband and I are returning to Copper Trails School to take part in their gifted arts night. I am looking forward to spending the evening drawing pictures with these talented young artists.

Having no children of my own, I must admit I was a little anxious the first time I found myself in a room surrounded by kids.

But the moment we sat down to draw together, all of that disappeared.

A wondrous thing happens when people create art together..

We discover that we are all family.