Self-Portraits and the Face You Find There

exquisite corpse

“Exquisite Corpse” by Michele Bledsoe


Regardless of who or what ends up on my canvas

everything is a self-portrait.


Sometimes, it is not so obvious..

other times, it is.

Art goes much deeper than the surface of our skin..

and sometimes the face you find there

is not a face at all.


Self-Portraits, Spirituality and the Art of Breaking Free

ribbon poster

Every work of art is a self-portrait of the artist who created it.

Sometimes this is obvious..

other times, it is not.

I have included many representations of myself in my paintings..

A strange figure formed out of sculpted wood with jointed arms. Or some mysterious organic construction of tangled branches and swirling leaves.

Sometimes, I wear my human face.

Maybe these depictions are not so recognizable to the casual observer…

but I really don’t consider the flesh I walk around in

as all there is to “myself”.

We are so much more than that.

We are spiritual beings trapped in the body of a dying animal..

But through art, we can break free.