Psalm 151

Painting and the Art of Losing Control

Psalm 151 by Michele Bledsoe


Sitting at my easel painting,

everything is moving along as expected..

then suddenly I’m using the wrong color

the wrong brush.

I am adding strange objects..

lines twisting across my canvas

in bold, strong strokes..

I have lost control.

I never fight these impulses..

this is what happens

when God steps in.

Embracing Bliss and the Art of Painting Slow

Psalm 151 by Michele Bledsoe


I spend a lot of time on my paintings.

The days and hours

slip seamlessly into

weeks, months

and years.

Time ceases to exist

as I linger over every inch of the canvas

retracing lines

adding layer after layer

of color…


in my state of bliss.


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