married artists

Secret Colors and the Art of Marriage

Lullaby” and “Like Clockwork” by Michele Bledsoe

Throughout my years as a painter

I have discovered the most exquisite paint combinations.

Secret colors..

Soft, dusty violets and

the faded, lovebird green of my childhood bedroom.

My husband Richard is also an artist

and we share our secret colors


Painter to painter;

Husband and wife.


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True Grit in the Art Studio


This is an actual conversation

that took place

while my husband and I were painting.

Michele: “I will not modulate my highlights. No, I will not. I will not blend it into the color behind it. I will not swirl my brush in it. I will use a hard, white mark and leave it alone…

Richard: “That’s bold talk for a one-eyed fat man.”

Michele: “Fill your hand you son of a bitch!”