Leap of Faith

Terrifying Visions and the Art of Trusting the Gift

“The Ghost and My Obsession” by Michele Bledsoe

Several years ago I was sitting at my desk

in my high-level corporate job

and I had a terrifying vision.

I imagined myself far in the future

sitting at the same desk..

doing exactly the same thing

and wondering to myself

what life would have been like

if I had decided to pursue my art instead.

Not long after that, I quit my job..

and let my path take me to where I was meant to be

instead of where I thought I should go.

In life, as in art

we must be fearless.

Trust the gift.


Art and the Journey Within..


“Playmates” by Michele Bledsoe

I really enjoy the process of painting.
I don’t enjoy it because it is easy..
I enjoy the process because it is difficult.

As artists, we are explorers.
Every blank canvas is the beginning of a new journey.
Years of experience may make you stronger..
but it does not make the road any easier.

When inspiration strikes
you must go wherever it takes you.

Take a leap of faith..
and don’t be afraid of the dark.