Beef Wellington and the Universal Experience of Art

A fun family evening becomes an inspiration for art and life. In the spirit of DIY and the universal experience of art – Richard Bledsoe and his sisters-in-law tackle Gordon Ramsay’s signature dish: The notorious Beef Wellington.

Studio Space and the Art of Being Invisible


My husband and I are both painters.

The first room you see when you enter our house is the art studio..

One half is mine

and one half is Richard‘s.


This beautiful little space I have created for myself

can only be seen from the outside;

because when I am painting

everything disappears..

including me.

An Artist In Her Natural Habitat

me and gunther

Once upon a time I lived in an apartment with my dog, Gunther.

I spent most of my time sitting at my easel painting with Gunther at my side. This was my regular way of life, but apparently the management at my apartment complex likened this to some kind of side-show attraction. My apartment was a regular stop whenever they conducted a tour of the grounds with potential renters. Every so often, Gunther would leap up and draw my attention to the sliding glass doors. I would look behind me, and there would be a small group of people trying to peek in through the vertical blinds – with the tour guide pointing and gesturing into my apartment.

“We have an artist who lives here with her three-legged Dalmatian – Look, there she is!”

Mostly, I would just stare blankly at them and then go back to my painting.