Painting and the Art of Decompression Sickness

"Descent" by Michele Bledsoe

“Descent” by Michele Bledsoe

Lost myself again.

Just sank a little too deep
below the surface for a while..
and stayed there too long.

Art will do that to you.

Perhaps I have the painter-bends..
some kind of decompression sickness.
that artists get
when they come up for air.

All I want to do is go back.

The Painter, the Painting and the Art of Looking Deeper



Once upon a time

a woman bought one of my little paintings.

When I came inside to meet her

she was surprised.

She said I did not look like what she expected.

Apparently, she did not look deep enough.

I look exactly like my paintings.

The painter and the painting are one and the same..

such is the power of art.

Art can reach beneath the surface

and reveal the truth and beauty that exists in all of us.

The body I walk around in has nothing to do with it.