blank canvas

In Art, There is No Middle Ground

small things

I put everything I am into my art.

Doesn’t matter if it is the painting of a single leaf, or some elaborate composition I spent a thousand hours of my life on..

I pour my soul onto that canvas.

Whenever I sit in front of my easel, it is all or nothing.

There is no other way.


The Art of Doing and Not Listening

jeff falk2

“Portrait of Jeff Falk” by Michele Bledsoe


When it comes to painting, my favorite thing to do is sit in front of a blank canvas and just start drawing.

Stream of consciousness.

I don’t plan anything out.

I don’t make preliminary sketches.

I don’t use reference material.

I let the drawing take me where it wants to go.


Many artists have told me that portraits are hard.

They tell me it’s difficult to get a likeness..

I don’t listen.

That is why I can paint portraits

and capture a likeness.

I never stop to think whether or not I can or can’t..

I just do.

Such is life.