Inglorious Arizona and the Art of Pushing Your Limits

"The Jail Tree" by Michele Bledsoe

“The Jail Tree” by Michele Bledsoe

My husband Richard and I were honored to be included among the artists selected to create work for INGLORIOUS ARIZONA. In this exciting project, stories about the grittier side of Arizona’s past were assigned to a selection of local artists. Once received, the artists would have about a month to create art inspired by their particular story.

One month may seem like a lot of time..

but not for me.

I am a slow, meticulous painter..

blissfully lingering over my work with tiny brushes.

So, when I submitted my work for consideration

I knew that if I were selected

I would pretty much have to paint non-stop for 30 days.

Did I hesitate?


And during the magnificent painting frenzy that followed

I pushed the limits of my endurance

to the breaking point…

only to discover

that I did not break.

Such is life.






Painting Deadlines and the Art of Life


Work in progress: Detail of “The Jail Tree” by Michele Bledsoe

For the past week or so

I have been deep in the heart

of an epic painting frenzy.

Typically, I am a slow painter..

lingering over my work..

savoring every brushstroke.

But under the pressure of a deadline

I have thrown myself into the maelstrom

that comes from speeding up

the creative process.

It is a challenge of stamina

and skill.

A test of faith and trust.

Sitting at my easel for 12+ hours a day,

I have experienced almost every emotion imaginable.

It is a glorious experience..

A metaphor for life.