Predestination and the Art of Call Waiting

“Under the Pillow” by Michele Bledsoe


No one rolls out of bed one day

and decides to be an artist..

you were meant to be one.

Even if you don’t answer the call for many years

it has always been there

inside you




  1. I hear of others that art and art and art and art some more, yet I dabble only when the mood takes me. So I am not sure that classifies me as an artist. I also have things part done, waiting to be finished…


    1. Being an “Artist” is not measured by how often you create or whether or not you finish something,
      it is measured by the passion in your heart.
      When the mood takes you, you run with it.
      That sounds like an artist to me.
      Some people hear that call and ignore it.
      Just keep doing what makes you happy.

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      1. That is encouraging and I appreciate people who encourage.
        It is harder to appreciate those that give an opinion on something you’ve worked on with passion, when their opinion says it hasn’t been done right.
        I have opinions and know what I like, but when someone does a piece of art I think kindness dictates to find something worthy of praise to say to them.
        One of my biggest opinions is: There’s far too much competitiveness in the world.
        Thank you for your kind reply.

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