“Assemblage”… a work in progress by Michele Bledsoe


Although I have been exhibiting my work in galleries

for almost 20 years..

I have more or less dropped out of the public eye.

This does not mean

I have stopped painting..

that would be impossible.

The desire to create cannot be contained.

The work continues

behind closed doors

as constant

and as passionate

as the beating of my heart.



  1. It is necessary to be at least somewhat reclusive in order to not only make art, but allow ourselves the time to explore other artists’ processes. I was so relieved to finally retire, however poor I may be; I am endlessly entertained now. I had some friendly acquaintances who used to worry that I was lonely and self-medicating (which many years ago, I used to do), but they are not artistic and didn’t understand my need for solitude. Finally, social media came to my rescue! Now they marvel at my instagram/facebook/wordpress posts, and online artists-friends I interact with, worldwide. Nobody worries about my reclusiveness anymore. They kind of wish they could carve out more time for themselves. You are in a good spot!


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