Cat Portraits and the Art of Being Selfless

“Portrait of Munchkin Giggle-Sprinkles” by Michele Bledsoe


Recently, I put aside my work in progress..

and ignored a looming deadline

to pour myself into a special request –

A portrait of my sister’s beloved cat

who passed away last year.

This is what art is all about.

Not the galleries and the exhibits.

Not the personal attention

and public exposure…

it’s about the gift

and what you choose to do with it.



  1. I really love the portrait of your sister’s beloved cat. There is something very special about doing pet portraits for friends/famly who have lost their pets.


    1. There is something very special about pet portraits. Yes, I agree completely. Shortly after I lost my beloved dog, Gunther – my sister painted a portrait of him and gave it to me as a Christmas present. I was so touched, I had to leave the room to collect myself. I keep that painting right next to my easel where I can look at it every time I paint.


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