Marathon Painting and the Art of Sitting on the Sidelines



Recently, my husband Richard participated

in a 48hour Create-A-Thon held inside a church.

As the name suggests,

artists were given 48 hours

to create a work of art

inspired by a specific theme.

Richard has done this before.

Actually, this is the third time.


I sat in a nearby chair, happily drawing pictures.

Occasionally, people would look over my shoulder

and ask why I was not participating in the event.

I am a slow painter.

I like to linger over my work.

Perhaps if there was a 480 hour marathon,

I’d reconsider.


Painting marathon: Day 2

Painting marathon: Day 2


  1. I am like you. It takes me a ling time to complete one drawing. I see that a lot of people do these “30 drawings in 30 days” things, which I could never do. I am slow. I am me and meticulous.

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  2. What fun! I paint pretty fast but like to feel like I am lingering and moving at a leisurely pace. I guess that means I’m looking for stress free painting!?? Enjoyed the post and Kudos to your husband.


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