Painting Under a Deadline and the Art of Being Oblivious

r m painting


Recently, my husband and I took part

in a group art session where we had about an hour

to create a painting.

When time was up,

Richard created a beautiful painting of an octopus

and I had painted a small leaf in the corner of my otherwise blank canvas.

Usually, I do not participate in this kind of event..

I am a slow painter.

Oblivious to the passing of time,

and unconcerned by the expectation to finish my work..

I picked up my paintbrush

put my head down

and disappeared.



  1. Once I was in a life drawing class and our ‘final exam’ was two long drawings of the seated model. When time was up my second drawing was far from finished. The teacher dismissed the model and all the class but me, and told me to take all the time I wanted. She then locked me in the room/studio and went away for a long while. When she came back I was finished, all but a couple of flourishes. Bless her heart–my grade did not depend on that last drawing at all–we both knew I was getting an A–but she wanted the drawing to be all that it could be, and she didn’t want me to rush.


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