Painting and the Art of Decompression Sickness

"Descent" by Michele Bledsoe

“Descent” by Michele Bledsoe

Lost myself again.

Just sank a little too deep
below the surface for a while..
and stayed there too long.

Art will do that to you.

Perhaps I have the painter-bends..
some kind of decompression sickness.
that artists get
when they come up for air.

All I want to do is go back.


  1. Sounds like your art is feeding off of your depression, and sometimes, a mental condition brings out the artistic sides of people, but, be sure, not to get too drawn in that you can’t manage to get yourself out…


  2. I love this, I’m not an artist or anything, I sketch. But before I start I just feel like I’m never gonna be good enough – stupid huh, but when I start sketching I can’t stop and I wish I can stay there forever


    1. That voice inside you is trying to tell you something… listen to it. Your desire to sketch.. the way it makes you feel – this is how you know you were meant to do this. Trust that feeling. Never be good enough? No, that is not true. Tiny acorns grow into mighty oak trees. Just keep sketching… and watch yourself grow.


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