Night Painting and the Art of Insomnia


I have had insomnia all my life.
There have been bad days.
Very bad.
But, I have been given
a wondrous gift..
a way to counteract the terrible effects
of chronic, never-ending
sleep deprivation.
When I can’t sleep
I paint.
Groggy and delirious
eyes half-closed..
I sit at my easel,
pick up my brush
and dream.


    1. I paint best at night for some reason. I always come alive when everyone else goes to sleep. I like the peace of mind of not having interruptions and being able to make a complete mess without judgement. Your work is beautiful!

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      1. Thank you, Leigh Ann – I know the feeling well.
        Whether it’s day or night, don’t concern yourself with “messes” or “judgement”. Those words have nothing to do with the experience of art. Just keep letting out what is inside you… and fly 🙂

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