Painting Deadlines and the Art of Life


Work in progress: Detail of “The Jail Tree” by Michele Bledsoe

For the past week or so

I have been deep in the heart

of an epic painting frenzy.

Typically, I am a slow painter..

lingering over my work..

savoring every brushstroke.

But under the pressure of a deadline

I have thrown myself into the maelstrom

that comes from speeding up

the creative process.

It is a challenge of stamina

and skill.

A test of faith and trust.

Sitting at my easel for 12+ hours a day,

I have experienced almost every emotion imaginable.

It is a glorious experience..

A metaphor for life.


    1. I am honored to be one of the artists selected to create work for INGLORIOUS ARIZONA – a series of stories and artwork to be featured in our newspaper. My painting will be part of a special exhibit coming up in March… along with the wonderful works of many talented artists here in the Valley of the Sun πŸ™‚


  1. Wow. Being creative under pressure does put you in a different emotional space. Everything is magnified. I love how you talk about your process in addition to final work. I think I have become more aware of my process (emotional, physical, creative) as I read from you. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you so much for sharing that with me – it makes me very happy. As artists, we are all on a unique and wondrous journey – We are meant to reach out and connect with each other… to share our stories and experiences πŸ™‚

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