Rescued Dogs and the Art of Broken Promises

gunther meme

I put my beloved dog Gunther down in 2009..

he died in my arms, surrounded by the people who loved him.

With a broken heart, and wanting to remain loyal to his memory

I swore I would never get another dog.

It took me years to realize how incredibly wrong that was.

The world is filled with abandoned dogs.

Lonely animals sitting in shelters..

needing exactly the same kind of love

I have been selfishly keeping to myself.

A few weeks ago, I saw a dog online..

an older stray who lost a leg after being hit by a car.

Sad to think that this poor animal

had to experience such a traumatic injury,

but, perhaps it was meant to be..

because it just so happens that I have an empty place in my heart

in the shape of a 3-legged dog.


  1. Tears…but good ones…you are beautiful and I’m glad you and Gunther had each other…thank you for caring and taking in another dog and sharing your love…I’m happy for you both…


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words.. my apologies for the delay in my response. Bear, my adopted rescue dog has joined our family and needs much love, attention, training and reassurance. Bear has had such a hard life.. injured and mistreated. I will do whatever I can to set things right.

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      1. Good on you…i am so proud of you and your kindness and strength. I seem to have spent my life rescuing and loving abused dogs. I rescued my latest 3 years ago; saw her online as a 5 mth old puppy. She was left all alone in that dreary pound when her sibling was rescued by my neighbour. i just had to do the same; so now these two can still play daily and are now trained, healthy and so happy. One was actually used for fighting and my dog was so ill and starving. There is an amazing fraternity of carers who are trying to reverse the wrong-doing of others……πŸ’œ


    1. Thank you.. yes, I miss Gunther very much. Now, Bear has joined our family. Hurt and scared… I have been spending all my time training him, loving him and reassuring him. There is much work to be done… and much to be undone. Adopting a rescued dog is a lot like adopting an abused child. Patience is key… we have a long road ahead but Bear is worth it.


      1. Yes, adopting a rescued dog may be really hard, because you don’t really know what that animal had been through previously, and, a lot of patience is needed, and just give him a TON of your love, but with a steady hand too, and you will train him well, i’m sure! Good luck!

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  2. It is so hard when a beloved dog dies, that sometimes its only natural to think, “never again.” But I have found that there is always room in our hearts for one more dog who needs our our love. So glad you found the right dog!

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  3. When I was in high school I had a beagle from the shelter. Being a beagle he was was naturally curious (following his nose), so I would frequently let him have off-the-leash adventures for as long as he wanted. He always found his way home by dinner time. One day, he didn’t come back. A week later, I found his body under a bush. I swore “Never again”…
    …Then an abused black lab found his way into our hearts. My sister worked closely with him to help him recover. And I think, he worked closely with me to help me recover. After a very happy life with our family (I think he had a better life than us kids), he passed from old age.
    My emotions are still kind of raw, but I think helping another dog, and having another to help me is absolutely in order.

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