Perseverance and the Irresistible Force of Art


A mirror image.. this is my right hand.


I hurt my hand.

Must have happened while doing some work around the house.

Nothing spectacular.

Fortunately, two of my sisters are nurses.

The immobilization will give it time to heal..

but I take the brace off to paint.

I can’t help myself.

I just started a new painting..

and I am consumed with the joy of it.

The hand?

Yes, it hurts when I paint..

but it would hurt more if I stopped.


  1. Sorry to hear you hurt your hand! Dealing with pain is the pits! I deal with chronic pain daily so I understand your need to keep painting even if it hurts. Hope you get feeling better soon! 😊💜🎨


  2. You remind me of the times when I sat at a computer and typed away even though my back hurt, pain in the shoulders was unbearable, and my hands were getting numb. Some told me that it’s not good for my health. While there is a lot of truth to it, the show must go on. 🙂 Kudos!


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