Seemingly Random Objects and the Remarkable Mystery of Art

room 237

“Room 237” by Michele Bledsoe

The title of this painting is kind of an inside joke my husband and I share.

Room 237 is a documentary we watched one evening.. a film that explores a bunch of weird theories about the secret meaning found in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 movie, The Shining.

The documentary was pretty ridiculous..

but when I finished this painting, I understood the connection.

I don’t plan out my paintings.

No preconceived ideas. No preliminary sketches.

I just sit in front of a blank canvas and start drawing.

A strange thing happens when you work this way..

you become a conduit.

Those seemingly random objects form a mysterious language of symbols. On the surface, a painting may appear to be very simple and straightforward… but underneath, it communicates on a much deeper level. Far greater than the sum of its parts – art explores the shared experience of the human condition.

So, I am not going to dissect my painting, examining each separate element, providing a simple explanation for every individual object it contains..

It doesn’t work that way.

Art is not a puzzle to be solved..

it is a mystery to be contemplated.

Such is life.


    1. Thank you so much, Jill! I agree, doodling is a wonderfully spontaneous form of artistic expression. I enjoy it very much, too. I am also a huge fan of collage art.. I have several collage pieces and assemblage work from local artists hanging in my studio. I stare at them endlessly 🙂

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  1. Love it, “Art is not a puzzle to be solved.. it is a mystery to be contemplated. Such is life.”
    Well said!
    I also agree that making art (and might I add ANY form of creative expression) you are a conduit. Once a person is in the “zone” they definitely become a channel (it is my belief). The whole thing seems like a dream sometimes, really… At least when you have something tangible like painting, sculpture, writing, or photographs ~ you have evidence and even proof of the experience. It’s interesting to see which deviation of the channel is tapped into on any given project, and how the art becomes almost like a breathing entity itself and has a life of its own…


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