Art and the Proximity of Curious Objects


My husband is always telling me to take a picture of the weird collection of items I have on the tray of my easel.

I’m not exactly sure what the actual purpose is for this little shelf-like area..

but it is where I keep all my favorite stuff.

Polished rocks, glass marbles and rusty keys.

Floppy-limbed Micronauts, the metal license tabs from Gunther’s collar

and my father’s college ring.

My art studio is filled with strange little objects that have captured my attention..

but you can tell how much I like something by how close it gets to my easel.


  1. I have a similar collection of items in front of my screen. One day I shall perhaps be inspired to write about them. But then again there is an intimacy I am loath to share lest it diminish their arcane value


  2. That’s wonderful, makes me smile. I worked at a techie company in silicon valley a long time ago.

    It was miserable. Micro management high stress,etc. I had a big desk so I surrounded myself with all the sorts of things you have on you easel. Also I had a bunch of little plastic figures like army men, dinosaurs, some snakes…. The seemed like good luck chams or a talisman. Maybe yours are like that…

    They where

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    1. I really like your choice of objects! dinosaurs, snakes, plastic figures..etc. When I had my big corporate job with a major company, I would come back from my breaks with weird stuff I found in the parking lot: pine cones, seed pods, weird rocks, pieces of glass, broken toys. I would keep them on my desk and examine them while I worked. I guess I was the office weirdo 🙂

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      1. That’s cool…picking up random stuff…my stepmother comes home with all kinds of stuff when she goes on a walk.

        When I was a kid I’d come with big sticks/broken off branches that I tried to bring inside to keep. Drove my mother nuts!

        I still pick up any paper I find to use in found material collages.

        I was ALWAYS the office weirdo! 🙂

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  3. This post caught my attention….I think we all have a little magnet that attracts certain things…and that collection is like a fingerprint….this post made me smile!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I like the way you phrased that – little magnets that attract us to certain things. And yes, a collection is like a fingerprint.. I think you can tell more about a person by looking at the things they love, than by looking at a photograph of their face.

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  4. I too have a collection of curiosities, stones, shells, lobster shells, seedpods, wrappers from sweets, interesting bottle lids, etc. I don’t gave a little shelf on my easel though and, due to my being a very untidy person, my treasures are all mixed up with everything else in the room. I come across them, like little treasure hoards when I am searching for a particular brush or tube of paint…


  5. I have a ‘put anything in it’ drawer that I look through when my mind wanders away from creativity. Most of the contents are things I’ve found or asked people for, matchbooks or boxes from other countries, stamps torn off envelopes from other countries, unusual ink pens I’ve found, or ask plumbers, or sales people and anyone who gives up pens. Funny rocks, branches, leaves, and anything else not nailed down. If it’s something I can’t transport, I take pictures and toss those in the drawer.


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