Giant Lincoln and The Art of Conquering Fear


Just got back from The Secret Kingdom book signing event in the beautiful state of Virginia.

Being that we were so close to Washington, D.C., we hopped on a train and spent the day sight-seeing, visiting the museums and walking around our nation’s capital surrounded by cherry trees in bloom.

I must admit I was a little anxious, because I knew at some point I would encounter the dreaded Lincoln Memorial.

Yes, dreaded.

It is a little known fact that I have a bizarre and somewhat embarrassing fear of unnaturally large things.

In an attempt to lighten the mood, my husband Richard told me that the giant Lincoln comes alive at night and eats tourists. Although that mental image actually made me shudder, I figured we’d be okay as long as we got out of there before nightfall.

Standing at the base of the stairs leading up to giant Lincoln.. my heart was pounding, my legs felt weak and I broke out in a cold sweat.

In this picture, I seem to be leaning slightly to the right.

Actually, I was cowering in fear at the terrible sight of enormous Lincoln.

It is always good to conquer your fears and do something that scares you..

But I swear I saw his finger twitch.


  1. I can totally relate! Things like that give me vertigo. I saw Michaelangelo’s sculpture. The David, in Florence and it was so tall and like a tower that it was hard to appreciate. All those grand statues of men on rearing horses, on pedestals that you see all over Europe see freak me out,too.

    Good for you that you had the courage to go anyway!


    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂 How wonderful that you had the opportunity to see Michelangelo’s David! The David would probably scare me to death… but I think seeing that magnificent work of art in person would be worth it!

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      1. 🙂 my pleasure! It was worth it but that’s about all I saw of Florence, I got so sick I spent most of the visit in my hotel room’s bathroom!

        If you stand back from David it’s not too bad, but there were so many people I got pushed up front.

        Are you still in D.C.? Is it spring there! It’s raining and cold here. Meh! Lol


      2. Sorry that your wonderful Florence experience included a tour of the hotel bathroom! I think if I ever saw Michelangelo’s work in person, I’d probably pass out 🙂 It was a great trip, but I am no longer in D.C… back home now in the valley of the sun 🙂

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      3. That is so sad but true! We have desert landscaping at our house because we live in a DESERT! Those lush green lawns are so unnatural.. and such a waste of water. The desert is beautiful as it is.. why try to change it into something else? Just let it be.


  2. Love this description of your encounter! I don’t like things that resemble humans but aren’t, such as dolls or clowns. Creepy! But I think large size actually helps for me since my imagination is less likely to animate them when they are beyond usual size…I’d never thought about that.
    Always good to conquer your fears, though I don’t think I’ll take up residence with anyone’s clown collection any time soon.


    1. Clowns and dolls… yes, creepy. Love your description, too – too large for your imagination to animate 🙂 Once I went to a museum where I accidently caught a glimpse of the world’s largest Raggedy Ann doll.. she looked too floppy and heavy to come after me, but I ran for my life anyway!


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