In Art, There is No Middle Ground

small things

I put everything I am into my art.

Doesn’t matter if it is the painting of a single leaf, or some elaborate composition I spent a thousand hours of my life on..

I pour my soul onto that canvas.

Whenever I sit in front of my easel, it is all or nothing.

There is no other way.



  1. I wish I could do that. Alas, sometimes I just goof around on paper or even canvas. There’s a great middle ground for me when I’m not goofing off but am relaxed and confident. Alas, when I care too much about what I’m doing, often I choke via trying too hard. I want to be more like you, which would include more talent. 🙂

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      1. Sweet of you to say so, dear Michele. I admire consistent excellence, which you display with every image. Your patience and high standards make you a fine role model. You set the bar high for the rest of us!


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