Embracing Chaos and the Art of Open Doors


My husband and I teach art to a group of inner city kids… but that’s not really what we do.

We do not have a traditional class where we see the same students every week.. sitting in designated places, teaching them a new lesson each week designed to progressively improve their drawing skills.

There are so many children.

Our class is growing constantly because we keep the door wide open.

I suppose I could simply shut the door and keep the size of the class to something more manageable..

But I would rather embrace the chaos than exclude a single child from the experience of making art.

So we squeeze together at the tables with our elbows bumping

passing out paper to anyone who joins us

sharing pencils, markers and crayons

drawing and talking together..

We may not be following a specific lesson plan

but these children are learning that when they want to express themselves

the door to art is always open.


  1. Beautiful thing for you and your husband to do. Art can do so much for so many, let alone the simple fact that you two spend your time and share of yourselves with the kids, which can mean the world to some of them. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog post. Peace to your heart, Sara


  2. Amazing. This post really touched me. I love how you make it a conscious effort to have the class accessible to everyone and keeping no limit. I’m currently completing my masters in occupational therapy, and I just finished at a special school. Most of my kids can from impoverished and broken homes. Some days I’d come home feeling defeated. But at the end of the day, showing the kids you care is all they want and it can turn their whole day around. It made me realize that one day I may want to do art classes for those with special needs. I love that you are giving these kids a creative outlet as well as positive, pro social time after school. It’s so needed and underutilized.
    I know that despite the chaos these kids appreciate what you are doing and will remember the fun they had with you for the rest of their life (or at least the friends they made).
    Wishing you the best!!!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your story! Yes, you are right – it is very chaotic.. but it’s not about me – it’s about them. Those beautiful kids have so little and they need all the love and encouragement they can get. Art is for everyone and it’s a wonderful way to connect and share experiences. Truly, it is a universal language. I wish you the best in all your endeavors 🙂

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