Painting Disasters and Artistic Fight or Flight


“Soliloquy” by Michele Bledsoe

When I paint, I sit at my beloved easel with my palette in my lap. Once, when I was putting finishing touches on a painting – I scooted up real close to work on some detail and something terrible happened.

My knee bumped into my easel and the painting fell face down into my palette of wet paint.

This was nothing short of a catastrophe.

But in that moment of artistic fight or flight – my instinct was to fight.

Frantically, I wiped the blobs of paint away – working quickly with my fingers and the sleeve of my shirt.  I allowed myself only a few seconds to stare in horror at the massive smears of color that obliterated what was once my nearly finished painting… and immediately went back to work.

Was I going to abandon something I loved just because things got difficult?


Such is life.


  1. That is lovely, so very very lovely. Picking ourselves up from these sudden alarming events and acting quickly to save something worth our time, this is courage. Thank you for sharing this. Namaste


  2. I had the same thing happen while painting in a parking lot on a windy day. Nothing to do with my knee, the wind blew painting and palette off the easel and they landed face to face. These issues are best dealt with”in the wet”. After several sessions my almost finished painting was finally signed, and later stolen. I guess that validates it, I would prefer to have sold it, though, lol!


    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Ben 🙂 Sorry to hear that the painting was stolen! Yes, it’s kind of left-handed compliment.. that person must have loved it so much they were willing to risk getting arrested to have it.


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