Old Geezer Grandpa


Once upon a time I lived in an apartment with my dog Gunther…

Mostly, I kept to myself – but I did manage to make one friend: An eleven-year-old boy named Tyler.

Tyler loved to watch me draw.

Often, we would sit together on the open patio outside my apartment (with Gunther at our feet) enjoying the afternoon.

Although I drew many things for Tyler – one day he made a special request.

“Can you draw an old geezer grandpa?” he asked.

“A what?” I replied. I wasn’t sure I had heard him correctly.

“An old geezer grandpa!”

Not a dinosaur, or some exotic animal.. not a spaceship, or a super hero. Tyler was practically jumping up and down with excitement – he wanted an “old geezer grandpa”… so I drew him one.

Tyler hung over my shoulder – frantically giving directions.

“Give him a moustache! And glasses!” Tyler shouted.

We spent the afternoon that way.. laughing at the result you see above.

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