Pencils, Pens and Your Imagination..

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This summer, I volunteered to teach art to a group of inner city kids in downtown Phoenix. Sure, I suppose it would have been good to give these kids the rare opportunity to experiment with materials they would not normally have access to… a variety of paints, pastels and charcoal. Surfaces like canvas, watercolor paper and Bristol board.

But that was not the message I wanted to share.

For many years, all I did was draw pictures. I used pens, pencils and whatever paper I could get my hands on. This was all I needed to make my imagination soar. So, when I walked into class that first day – that’s what I brought. Afterwards, every child went home with a handful of pencils, pens and their very own sketchbook.

If I had provided these kids with fancy supplies, maybe they would think they couldn’t make art without expensive materials.

I wanted them to understand that they could continue to make art long after the class was over.. with materials they could easily obtain.

Art is for everyone.

You don’t need expensive supplies to make art. All you need is a pen or pencil, a piece of paper and your imagination.


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