The Art Came First…

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Before it became a children’s book, “The Secret Kingdom” existed as a collection of my paintings.. created over the course of many years.

I remember sitting in my art studio talking to my sister on the phone. I told her I was thinking about writing a children’s book. I was considering potential story ideas and wondering how long it would take me to complete the illustrations.  Maybe a couple of years, if I painted them.. or maybe I should use pen instead?

Essentially, my sister told me I was an idiot.

“Years? Why should it take years? You are surrounded by the pages of a children’s book.”

I was speechless.

Slowly, I looked around at the walls of my studio… covered almost floor to ceiling with my paintings.

The inspiration hit like a thunderbolt, and practically knocked me off my chair.

That is how “The Secret Kingdom” began..

but the art came first.

Each painting has its own title.. and often contains deep personal meaning hidden in the mysterious, dream-like imagery.

I plan to reveal some of those secrets here.


Michele Bledsoe 07/15/2014

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